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HHO Guarantee 


Just Doesn’t Work

Worn Out



AutoHydrogen is so confident you will love our HHO kits, PWMs, Dry Cells, and the Volo Chip.


  • Return unopened and unused within 14 days and receive 100% refund.
  • Try for 60 days and return within 90 days and receive 100% refund minus a small refurbishment fee. We call this havig HHO for a trial period.
  • Worn out: return it and all you pay for is labor and parts, much cheaper than buying new again.
  • Defective: simply return the bad part within 90 days and we will gladly replace it at no charge.

Unopened Returns:

We welcome unopened returns with no questions asked. Sometimes you order something you really need and priorities change or you just change your mind … we understand. Just return it within 14 days undamaged and your purchase price will be refunded.

Trial Run Refurbishment:

Give HHO a 60 day trial run and if you don’t simply love it remove it and send it back. Clean it as best you can and send it back in as new a condition as possible within 90 days. We will inspect it and retest it and repackage it and you will receive a 100% refund minus the cost of refurbishment labor and any required replacement parts. This is the cheapest way we know of to give you the opportunity to try HHO.

Worn Out Refurbishment:

Run your HHO system forever and then return it for refurbishment. Of course HHO doesn’t last forever and after years of daily use the dry cell’s stainless steel will just ware through. We don’t expect anything else to ware out but if it does just ship it back too, and we will refurbish and charge you for parts and labor.


All our products are tested under real conditions before they leave us to make sure they work properly. However in the unlikely event that there is any problem with our product you may return it within 90 days for replacement.

Shipping Charges:

Shipping cost will be the responsibility of the sender. If you ship to us you will pay for shipping. When we ship back to you we pay for shipping. For international returns AutoHydrogen reserves the right to apply an additional shipping charge so please contact us for a quote. (Shipping charges are non-refundable.) Shipping can be with any method as long as the person receiving the product is required to sign for it, providing proof of receipt.

All Returns for Refund Require Proof of Purchase:

If you are unable to provide satisfactory proof of purchase, AutoHydrogen may, at its discretion, provide you with a repair or exchange to the current value of the goods on most merchandise.


For all repairs we will inspect and test the returned product and provide you with a quote before we start work. Before you send the return back we can also provide you with an estimate based on your description and our experience. (Labor Rate: $35 USD / hr.)

Other Products:

This guarantee applies specifically to  HHO kits, PWMs, Dry Cells, and the Volo Chip. For other products there may be exceptions so please enquire.


AutoHydrogen will not be held responsible for damage caused by misuse of our products, this includes exceeding the stated products specifications and incorrect installation of the product.

In particular we will not replace a HHO dry cell generator that burnt out because it was left to run dry (left without ample electrolyte). The same goes for any of our pumps ... THEY WILL BE DAMAGED IF THEY ARE RUN DRY.